A new study has found the items that each state is buying in disproportionate amounts, and the results are...odd.

Career-finding website Zippia recently crunched some numbers and studied our spending habits to find each state's most disproportionate spending habits. In other words, they've publicly revealed what we choose to waste our money on. The results -- as it turns out -- are pretty interesting if not alarming.

Before we get to the results, it's important to clarify how Zippia determined their findings. To identify products, they referred first to the US Trade Census and FlexPort then looked at product imports per capita to determine the overall dollars being spent (whatever all that means).

Some of the most unusual results (if we can pick just a few) are: Peppermint essential oil (apparently popular in Washington state), Gherkins (apparently Arizonians really like their pickles!), barbed wire (Texas...need we say more?), sweaters (Wisconsinites really take their cold-weather fashion seriously), swords (what's going on in Georgia?) and human blood (vampires are real, and they live in Indiana).

Of course, by now you're dying to know Minnesota's most commonly purchased disproportionate item. You ready? It's geese. Live geese. I'm not sure why, and Zippia didn't care to expound either, so I'll leave theories to you.

Here were the surprisingly common purchases by our neighbor states:

North Dakota - Sunflower seeds
South Dakota - Beef
Iowa - Corn Cereals
Wisconsin - Sweaters


See the full article from Zippia here. We're not really sure how to conclude an article on such an odd study and its findings, so maybe we'll just leave it with a question:

Why are Minnesotans buying so many live geese?

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