Brittany and I have to go register for her baby shower. We're excited to do that, but when does scanning every cute baby product become greed? Brittany is having a couple baby showers before our daughter is born in August. I thought registering would be fun, but now I'm a little concerned.

Brittany's mom is hosting a baby shower for her side of the family, and my mom is doing the same for our side of the family. We decided to do two separate showers because of the distance between the families... our families are literally on the opposite sides of the state.

My concern with registering (For both showers, we will only be registering one time at one store... no separate registry for separate party) is, what do we register for without looking like greedy jerks? We don't want that, we don't even expect to get everything we do register for, but what's the limit? One thing that comes to mind is a baby glider chair and ottoman. I know these are expensive, but we don't need the top of the line quality, we just need something that will work. They range from around $135 to well over $200.

Is this something we should put on the registry or skip it? What are somethings "must have" items you put on your registry, that we should put on ours?

You can let me know if we're coming off greedy and what items we should really focus on when we go register. THANKS!!

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