UNDATED - When should your kids get their first smartphone? A group of parents from Texas says the 8th grade is soon enough. They've started a grassroots campaign called "Wait Until 8th" asking parents to join them in taking the pledge to wait until their kids enter 8th grade before giving them their first smartphone.

The main reasons, they say, are that kids should have time to just be kids, smartphones can be addictive to children, and kids could be over exposed to cyber-bullying.

Ashley Cannatti says it's a way for parents to find support on this sometimes contentious topic.

How it works is when 10 families in your school and grade sign-up, then the pledge is on.  That way you know you have 10 other families that agree with you.

Cannatti says their idea was started at a kid's backyard birthday party.  She says, since they launched their website this spring, they've had groups of pledges signed in 49 states, among 2,800 families, in 500 schools, and in seven countries.

Cannatti says their campaign is just focused on smartphones.  You can still give your kids a basic phone for calling and texting, if you want to stay in touch with them.