Here's a true story. I grew up in Bloomington and the house I lived in was 100% haunted with no doubt! Doors would rattle and slam closed, shadows of an old man drinking at the bottom of the stairs, and cuts in the bathtub on places of the body that were impossible to get cut in there.

It was only AFTER we moved out, we were told that an older man drowned in the bathtub in the house, and we weren't the only tenants to report creepy activity there.

Back then there wasn't easy 'gear' to prove ghosts, but now with technology and smart phones, there's an app for that...a few of them!

I WILL be downloading a couple of these apps, and WILL be visiting that house in Bloomington soon to test it out. I'll keep you posted when I do, and how the app helped my ghost hunting skills.

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