What does the average American dad in Minnesota want this year for Father's day?

The answer surprised me, though I am much simpler and more "low tech" than most guys, to be sure.

According to Pricegrabber - @ 48% of American men this year want a tablet computer.  That is infinitely too high tech for me.

Here's the thing - some of us that are constantly on the computer during the work day - don't really want to be anywhere near a computer in our spare time at home.

I know this makes absolutely no sense to many out there, but I don't need 'more computer' in my life.

23% of American dads want a smartphone - and @ 13% want either a TV, or a camera.

I don't know if I'm; different, old-school, weird, or maybe a combo of all those.

But there are two things that I ALWAYS LOVE GETTING for Father's Day.

Fishing stuff!  Come on - anything for the tackle box - anything that will help me have more fun fishing (w/ family, kids, dogs, etc.) - and help catch more, and bigger, fish.

The other gift I love - are tickets to ANY cool sporting event, or concert.  During the summer here in the St. Cloud area, there are a lot of chances to see good, 'live' shows.  Outdoor baseball in the summer is awesome, as well, so is fishing, camping, and golf.  You should know what kind of music your dad likes - do a little research, get him tickets to a show that you know he would really appreciate!

I suggest the MIX 94.9 Summer Spectacular....