Crappies, blue gills and panfish are good options in March.  That according to Glen Schmitt from Outdoor News.  Schmitt says other options include tullibee, white fish, perch and eel pout.  He says there was a time when you'd catch an eel pout and you'd just throw them on the ice because no one valued them.  Schmitt says people consider eel pout good eating fish right now and game fish as opposed to what they were thought of before.  He says eel pout are good to eat and fun to catch.  Schmitt says eel pout bite all winter long but the first 2 weeks in March is when they spawn so they are most active.  He says there is a lot of people in Minnesota targeting eel pout.  Schmitt says this been happening the last 5 to 10 years.

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Schmitt says anglers can still find panfish suspended over deep water and fish can be found in the weeds in shallow areas.  He says he's been noticing finding fish over basin areas. Schmitt says he's seeing blue gills on the locator but they haven't been active.  Fish located in the weeds have been more active.  He expects this trend to continue into March with days getting longer.  Schmitt suggests looking for panfish in mudflats and shallow water locally.  He says you'll find panfish and blue gills in those locations.

Ice conditions have improved locally according to Schmitt and he's seen plenty of vehicles driving out to spots on the ice.  He says snow drifts are still there in spots but getting around has improved this week as opposed to last week.

If you'd like to listen to my full conversation with Glen Schmitt it is available below.



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