As I type this my eyes keep wanting to close. Last night my boyfriend, our friend, and myself made the trek up to Fargo to catch a concert. It was totally worth it, but I'm exhausted. Sunday night concerts are a challenge because most of the time, you need to be at work the next morning and if you live in Central Minnesota, chances are good it's a long drive home after the show. And that's for any show. It takes about an hour to drive home from a show in the Cities, and it was over two to get home from Fargo. In my opinion, St. Cloud needs a decent sized concert venue.


I know the city of Waite Park is looking to build and amphitheater, but I'm saying we need a venue that can be used year round. Amphitheaters are cool, but it is Minnesota and we will only be able to use it 5 months out of the year. An enclosed building makes more sense in my head. It would draw acts year round bringing money to the area, and make for less drive time for Central Minnesota's dedicated concert go-ers.

I'm not saying we need an Xcel Energy Center sized building here, but something more Myth in Maplewood sized. Large enough to draw some bigger names, but still small enough to keep that Central Minnesota intimate feel. Anyone want to pitch in some cash to get this going? 😂

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