I've often checked and rechecked behind me, beside me....in the rear view mirror....for things that I "think" I've seen.  Of course...anytime I've ever done a double take, I've never found anything 'unusual or out of the ordinary.  How about you?  Apparently there are many people that do believe in the paranormal.  Here are the top paranormal phenomena that people tend to believe in:


33 percent of people believe in ghosts.  I've watched several paranormal supposedly "real" videos, looked at tons of pictures on the internet....I've still not seen anything clear enough to be considered more than a 'coincidental happening'.  Am I saying I don't believe in ghosts?  Not necessarily.  I'm saying I can't say I've ever really seen one. My son Drew thought he had a ghost living in our house in Kentucky when he was really little.  That kind of freaked me out.  That ghost had a name, a family....geez...He was a pleasant ghost just looking for his home I think.  My mom sent us a Folgers Coffee can in the mail  with some sticky stuff in the bottom of it, and we trapped it and sent it to Minnesota. We let it go in our barn.  (Hey....it left...what can I say). The imagination of a child is incredible.  If you want the whole story...let's go out for coffee.



32 percent believe that many people have a 6th sense.  Have you ever had a hunch, instinct, or intuition?  I feel like sometimes I've been through something already, and feel like I'm reliving it?  Have You?  My 6th sense is telling me you have...I just can't put my finger on it.



22 percent believe in life on other planets. Actually, it's hard for me to believe that we are the ONLY planet that has life....I totally think there has to be life somewhere else out there.   I saw something in the sky back when I was about 16. It was a super bright star like object, and it woke me up just about every night one summer.  I woke my parents to come see it..of course, it never really moved much while they looked at it.  The thing moved in all directions in the night sky, and my parents thought I was nuts.  I don't know what it was....But it was NOT a balloon because the movements of that object defied all laws of gravity that I know.  I'm just saying....I can't explain what I saw, but it wasn't anything I could explain.



19 percent believe that they've been here before, in some other shape or form, or perhaps even as another person.  I've got a great friend in the cities that went to a psychic who told her what type of life she lived in a past life....I'd like to know if I'm coming back as a cat, dog, flamingo? Elephant? or another person to do better next time around?



18 percent believe in telepathy?  Do you know what I'm thinking?   Oh.  You do? What am I thinking right now?  How did you know that I wanted ice cream!  We all believe in it...But no one uses it.  Hmmmmm...I don't get this one...at all.  I don't want to know your thoughts.



18 percent believe that the future is predictable.  So even though the predictions of end of world time keep coming over and over...we just haven't quite locked the day in, but we know when it's coming?  I don't think this is possible.  I think we can use scientific means to


16 percent believe that they can be healed by someone with psychic abilities.  The Green Mile in real life?  I had someone try to heal my vocal chords in Kentucky once, while she held my hand and then spoke a bunch of words that I couldn't understand. I sort of felt like we were kids pretending we could speak other languages.  I felt bad for thinking that, but I just wasn't really buying it.  I guess I'm still not sure if she healed me....but I'm fine...so...maybe she did?



10 percent of people read their horoscopes religiously.  Does this mean you dump your significant other if the horoscope says it's time to turn a new leaf?  Or do you actually just turn an "actual" leaf over?   I tend to read my horoscope, and if I dont' like it, I read someone elses and adopt that one instead.



9 percent of people still believe in the Bermuda Triangle.  uh....no.   Just plain no.  I mean...I get that strange things happened there, but I think it's all explainable due to weather, drafts. etc.  Believe if you want.



8 percent believe in Demons...I wonder if those same people believe in Angels...Because Angels weren't on the list...so this is confusing to me.  Are Demons considered paranormal, and Angels considered something else?

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