I love milk.  As a matter of fact, I love milk whether it's the traditional milk we are are familiar with that comes from a cow, or milk from soy and almonds; preferably almonds. I was wondering today, as I was pondering drinking a delicious tall glass of milk, what does each type offer?  What are you looking for in the search for milk?

I'm looking for great flavor, and feeling satisfied. I always feel good after drinking a glass of milk. For some, allergies rule.  So if you are allergic to any particular type of milk, I'm glad that we have so many choices.


When it comes to counting calories, almond milk is usually going to be the winner. Almond milk is only about 90 calories for 8 ounces, verses 150 with soy. Cows milk, on the other hand, depends on whether it's skim: 93 calories, 1% milk :112 calories,  2%: 135 calories, whole milk has about 155 calories.


If you're looking for more protein, soy milk has about 7 grams, verses almond milk having only 1 gram. Cows milk has 8 to 9 grams of protein.


When it comes to calcium, you can't beat almond milk. a Whopping 200 mg verses soys measly 72 mg.  Cow's milk?  Although I could'nt find the exact amount one cup has, I did find that you just can't get any more calcium than by drinking 3 cups of cows milk daily.  Cow's milk beat the others by a long shot.  If you're in need of calcium, then cows milk might be for you.


10% of the Magnesium you need can be found in milk.  Soy has 40 mg, while almond milk has only 16 mg.  Again, cows milk has about 32 mg.


All milk has sugar, but from what I found, lactose milk does not affect blood sugar the way that table sugar does.  Soy, almond and cow's milk all contain sugar.