I've done my share of crappy jobs and loveless labor over the years, but cafeteria work is one line of employment I did manage to avoid.

A video shared to the Minnesota thread of reddit shows a huge spill at a U of M cafeteria. Milk comes pouring out of a milk machine after -- presumably -- the bag burst. The cafeteria worker appears to attempt stopping the spill or fixing the mistake before giving up and walking away.

The video, which was originally posted one day ago, has racked up over 490k views and over 600 comments -- mostly empathetic -- from viewers.

"I remember back at purdue watching someone struggle trying to change the bag of milk in the milk machine and dropping it to an loud thud that shot milk everywhere. This is probably a semi-common occurrence," shared reddit user scott60561.

"It’s actually quite common," confirms eepadeepadeep. "For us, the issue was that those bags were fairly flimsy and they had to be placed in a plastic crate prior to being inserted into the dispenser. The bag had a cap with a rubber tube attached that had to be positioned just so in the crate or you would get either no milk flow, or the cap would be pulled out of the bag. My guess is this is what happened here."

"Why is anyone putting milk in a bag?" seems like a fair question from whiteboymatisse.

Did you ever work in a cafeteria? What's the worst thing that ever happened?

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