Let me start this story by saying I wasn't driving impaired in any way and I was completely sober. I would never put my life in danger, or the lives of my passengers, and I am a huge advocate for safe and sober driving. Exactly one year ago I was in my best friend's wedding, and on my way home I was pulled over for a broken taillight. My boyfriend had been drinking at the reception, but I stayed sober to get us home. Here is what happened when the officer pulled me over and smelled alcohol.

We left the reception around 11:30 PM and right as we were about to turn onto the road we live on, I was pulled over for my broken tail light. Right away the officer could smell the beer on my boyfriend from his drinks at the wedding, so the officer had every right to ask me to step out of the vehicle and I did so willingly. The man was just doing his job!


First he had me follow his finger with my eyes. I tend to have sensitive eyes and the light was causing them to water uncontrollably. He probably thought I was crying. Not embarrassing at all, right?

The next test was walking heel-to-toe while counting my steps out loud. Keep in mind by this point it is 1 in the morning and kinda chilly outside, and I was only wearing biker shorts and a t-shirt. I had changed out of my bridesmaid dress before driving home. Have you ever tried walking a straight line while shivering uncontrollably? It is pretty tough!

After that I had to stand on one leg and count out loud until he told me to stop. Once again the shivering almost got the best of me, but I held myself together!

When all that was done I took a breathalyzer test. The officer asked me if I had ever taken one before and I said yes. I had to take one back in middle school when some older kids brought alcohol into the dance and the police tested everyone. I blew zero and all was good.

At the end of it all I was given a written warning to fix my tail light, which I did the next morning, and I passed my first Field Sobriety Test! I was kinda hoping I would be asked to say my ABC's backwards, considering I have been working on that "talent" since I was a child, but no such luck!

I am very thankful for the hard working law enforcement officers in our area for conducting the proper test to make sure that our roads are safe. It might have been a pain at the time but it is reassuring to know that our officers are looking out for our safety!


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