Opinions and excuses are like a certain part of the human anatomy, we all have one and they stink. The Carver County Sheriff's Office recently posted about two drivers caught speeding on the same portion of the road a few hours apart and their excuses were about as poor as their driving choices. This is a great reminder that there will be extra enforcement on Minnesota roads this holiday weekend, so slow down, and hang up the phone.

The post from the Carver County Sheriff's Office outlines the lame excuses and where the speeding happened.

Remember last week when we shared the story of the person going over 100 mph on their way to Top Golf? Well, our same Deputy has been in the right spot at the right time again this week.
This time, both of our speeders who were caught were on Hwy 212 just outside of Cologne. Our first speeder was caught going 95 mph. The driver stated she just "needed" to get ahead of other vehicles before the lane merged from two lanes into one.
Our second speeder was caught going 102 mph in the exact same area two hours later. Their excuse was they were just trying to get to their campsite.

Both of these drivers were only 19 years old. Like we said last week, higher temps do not justify higher speeds. Extra speed enforcement patrols will be on Carver County roads starting this Saturday and running all through July. Please slow down and ensure you safely get to your destination. ~824ts

Much of Highway 212, which runs from the West Metro out to the South Dakota border, has a speed limit of 60 miles an hour, with some stretches of the highway seeing the speed limit go down to 30 miles an hour when it goes through towns.

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So someone going 90+ miles an hour is putting not only their lives on the line but others on the road too.

Slow down and enjoy summer.

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