So about two maybe three weeks ago my wife and I were driving South/East along Highway 10. We were South of St. Cloud's airport when I saw something standing in the trees on the other side of the railroad tracks. What I saw shocked me, as what I saw really didn't belong in Central Minnesota. There was a moose, in the woods standing perfectly still!

Well, that moose stood so still as we drove by, it must have been SOOOOOO scared! It didn't even twitch an eye! I excitedly told my wife, "Hey there was a moose back there!"

It took me the better part of the rest of our 20-minute drive to figure out that the moose I saw near the treeline was a statue or target of some sort.

I sheepishly then told my wife, out of nowhere of course, "I think that moose was a statue, it wasn't moving".

Image Credit: Google Maps
Image Credit: Google Maps

Well, now I have the evidence that there is a moose statue out along Highway 10, if you are going SE on 10 towards Clear Lake. Can you see it in the photo above? How about if I circle it for you is that easier?

Image Credit: Google Maps and Canva
Image Credit: Google Maps and Canva

It turns out I am not alone in spotting the moose along Highway 10. Three years ago this was a topic on a Reddit channel.

Moose off 10 east?
byu/Ltdan994 inminnesota

The moose statue, for those who want to catch a glimpse, while the trees are still leaf-free, is between mile markers 185 and 186.

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The moose statue also probably sits on private property, so don't venture up to it, as you could be charged with trespassing.

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