Yesterday in the Mix studios, we were having an in-depth discussion of what some people consider cheating on their significant other. I thought this would be pretty straight forward....You have a significant other. You've made it official that they are your 'One and Only.' You both agree that you'll be loyal to eachother... So...that means no Hanky Panky with anyone else right? It sounds so simple.

Apparently, this is a slippery slope. Here are some alternate facts from people who have clauses in their descriptions.

  1. We were just sleeping together. We didn't "DO" anything.
  2. I didn't touch her, I just let her touch me.
  3. It wasn't a 'date'....We just went out for dinner.
  4. It was just a kiss.
  5. I didn't cheat because I was drunk and I don't remember it.
  6. It just happened.
  7. SHE came on to ME.
  8. Your jealousy pushed me to do this.
  9. I had to see if I really wanted to be with you.
  10. I was scared of our relationship.
  11. It was just physical. It didn't mean anything to me.
  12. I thought you were cheating too.
  13. I was ON VACATION!
  14. What happens in Vegas...Stays in Vegas.
  15. Being 'exclusive' just isn't for me.
  16. I felt neglected and was needing attention.

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