This is one of those crazy stories that you always hear from a friend of a friend, but for once I got to hear it from the person it happened to! One of our co-workers here was out with his family at a Twin Cities 'Fall Farm', and when they were on their way back to St. Cloud realized that one of their wedding rings was missing! Luckily this story has a happy ending.

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Yesterday, while I was sitting in my office one of my co-workers, Minh, came in to see how my weekend was. We talked a little about what we did, and as he was about to leave stopped and asked if I had heard about his ring story yet. I said that I hadn't and that is when he started telling me about this crazy real-life story.

Minh and his wife Jess were visiting Waldoch Farms in Lino Lakes back on October 7th with their young kids. Part of their time spent at Waldoch Farms was spent in the huge corn pit. As the couple were leaving with their kids Jess didn't notice that her wedding ring was missing, until they were already on the road back to St. Cloud.

Image Credit: Google Maps
Image Credit: Google Maps

Once Minh and Jess realized that the ring was missing, they formed a plan to go back the following weekend, before the farm opened up, to look for the lost ring. The couple rented a metal detector and went back to the farm to look for the ring on October 14th.

Jess wrote to me that when they were heading back down to look for the ring she "had no expectations, as I really didn't think I would ever see it again."

Once the couple got to the farm, Minh and Jess headed to the corn pit area and while they were there sifting through the kernels of corn Minh figured out how to use the metal detector.

Jess went on to write to me that the couple had "found someone else's jewelry but not my ring."

Not wanting to give up, Minh decided to change the sensitivity on the detector when all of a sudden "it started beeping", and both Minh and Jess "There's no way..."

Jess began to dig and when she reached all the way to the bottom of the pit she slowly brought the corn kernels up, and she saw something shiny. Jess went on to say that at that moment her "heart was pounding out of my chest!" Jess looked down again into her hands and "there it was!!!"

Jess started screaming out loud, "I FOUND IT!!!!"

The couple told me that they "could hardly believe our eyes!"

To me, the best part of this whole experience, well I guess the second best part because my friend's finding their wedding ring was great, but it was how Jess closed her note to me on how she felt when she found her wedding ring "I felt like I was being proposed to all over again, I was so happy!"

In case you were wondering about the other jewelry found, they turned it in to the nice people at Waldoch Farms, for hopefully, the owners to find.

This also was the 2nd wedding ring that Minh has found, he found a co-worker's ring when it was left on the tailgate of a pickup before it drove off last year!

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