Ballpark proposals: groan. Sure, it's sweet if you two bonded over a mutual love of baseball (if it's a mutual love of the Twins then you're both masochists...romance!). Risking humiliation in front of thousands of people who are definitely not there to see you (but will absolutely cheer if she slaps you and walks away...humans are trash) can be romantic...and spendy.

Target Field isn't the most expensive ballpark to arrange a Jumbotron proposal in, but it's up there.

How Much Does It Cost to Propose at Target Field?

If you live in Pittsburg, you only have to risk $39 to propose. A proposal at historic Wrigley Field in Chicago is cheaper than Target Field at $175.

Proposing at Target Field, possibly with T.C. in attendance? $209, Hoss.

That's like...4 beers.

MLB All-Star Game Red Carpet Parade
"Only $55? Loser!" ~T.C. Bear (Getty Images)

If you both love Chicago - but the Wrigley price is either a bit much or you're not that confident in an affirmative answer - try the home of the Chicago White Sox...whatever it's called this week.

If money's burning a hole in your pocket, try Dodger Stadium for just $2500. Good luck, bud.

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