When you look at this picture, what colors do you see?  What color is this dress really?  Those are the questions that have been taking over the internet over the last 24 hours.



Apparently, everyone seems to see it differently.  The reason why?  It has to do with how your eyes process light.  If you want to dig deeper into the science of it, READ THIS article from Wired.

This lonely, non-science-smart person's interpretation of the info is that your brain compares colors to a spectrum that has to do with the way the sunlight fluctuates and gives off different colors through the day.  When you look at this dress, your brain is also using the context and background to further determine colors.

So, I guess, this image just sits in a sweet spot where the brain can't make up it's mind.  Last night on my home computer, at first glance, this dress was gold and white.  Hands down.  Today when I looked again at work, it was clearly blue and black.

Same picture.  Same person.  Different day.  Different colored dress.  So weird!