A couple weeks ago my boyfriend and I decided we wanted to try being vegetarians. No real reason, other than just to see if we could do it. We are really big carnivores, we love burgers, chicken wings, bacon, pretty much all things meat so it was a bit of a challenge for us to give it up.


Monday started out strong, we found an awesome recipe for a Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza, and I think that really helped set the tone for the rest of the week. It was a good reassurance for myself that I didn't need a lot of meat to have a lot of flavor. Other meals we had were Rachel Ray's broccoli cheddar veggie balls, greek nachos, and potato tacos. The real challenge came when we went out to eat. We decided Red Robin in St. Cloud was our best bet because they had veggie burgers, and boy were they amazing! I would order one again in a heart beat!

Overall, by the end of the week we needed meat, but we also survived. I think if we were going to go true vegetarian down the road we definitely could, but I can't see it being something that happens overnight for us. It would take a lot of small changes here and there, that would eventually add up to one big change.

Nothing is more Vegetarian than a slushy made of pickles!


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