Before anyone starts going off on me for complaining/being negative/not being attractive in general, this pizza was delicious and we had no problem cutting it ourselves. Yes, I realize 90% of people will not read this anyway but just wanted to throw that out there.

We ordered a pizza from a local pizza place here in Central Minnesota on Tuesday night. The pizza arrived fast and looked delicious but there was one problem: It wasn't cut.

I don't mean it wasn't cut well, I mean it literally wasn't cut. No one had taken the time to put blade to pizza at all. After having a good laugh we took out the pizza cutter and made our own squares.

I sent a text to my mom, who runs a small pizza shop south of the Twin Cities, and asked her how this could ever happen. Her response:

"I have done that before by accident and people get so so so mad! I don't know how it could happen... but it does!"

Again, we were sitting in our kitchen with all the utensils in the world at our disposal so it was easy to laugh off, but what if we had been at a hotel or had been moving with all of our stuff boxed up?

How would this situation be rectified? By a driver coming to our house with a knife to cut it? Would they send out a new, presumably cut pizza? Would they just tell us to get over it? I guess we will never know!

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