Tomorrow (April 2nd, 2014) Brittany and I find out what the sex of our baby is, but we still have a dilemma to deal with on this exciting day.

I couldn't be more excited for 12:30 tomorrow afternoon. Brittany and I have decided we will find out the sex our baby so we can be prepared as possible when the kid comes into our world. Being as excited as one can possibly be, we still have one issue we have not worked out... Do we tell everybody?

Brittany's mom wants to the sex, but her dad does not, he wants to be surprised. This is the issue because if we tell Brittany's mom, we both know there is no way she will be able to keep it a secret until August. NO WAY. She will be extremely excited and everybody will know a few minutes after we hang up the phone.

Here's how we handled the same situation with my mom. I gave her the option of knowing the sex OR knowing the names for both a girl and boy we have picked. She knows that the names could possibly change, but we're pretty set on them... the girl's name especially. My mom, who already has three grand kids, opted to know the names. So we told her the names we have picked out and now, it's a waiting game to see if she will meet a boy or girl.

How would you handle the dilemma between telling Brittany's parents or not telling them? Give them the option to know the names we have picked, but keep the sex quiet so her dad's surprise doesn't get spoiled? I think that's a fair compromise, but what do you think? Some of you may have been in the same situation we are... what did you?