Mr. Twisty may be the king of ice cream in Central Minnesota, but it seems Selma's reigns supreme as best ice cream sundae in all of Minnesota.

A while back, we took a poll to see who had the best ice cream in Central Minnesota. Results were passionate and -- at times -- heated, but the overwhelming response was Mr. Twisty's ice cream in St. Cloud, hands down.

Well, Mr. Twisty may be the king of ice cream in the listening area, but a recent survey by WCCO viewers named Selma's Ice Cream Parlour in Afton as the queen of all Minnesota sundaes.

Tucked away in historic Afton and just across the river from Wisconsin is Minnesota's oldest ice cream shop. Selma's has been dishing out ice cream for over 100 years, beginning back when the building was used for ammunition storage during the Civil War.

Today, the ice cream parlour carries over 30 different flavors of ice cream, and Selma's sundaes are un-arguably some of the best in the state. Selma's also features coffee, espresso and specialty drinks as well as fine candies.

An easy 1.5 hour drive from St. Cloud, plan a trip to Selma's before the end of summer to determine for yourself if she really is the queen of Minnesota sundaes!

Ice cream's good. Know what else is good? Hot and spicy Oreos!

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