Bluey-mania is runnin' wild, brother. But let me tell ya somethin', Mean Gene: Bluey rules.

Kids love Bluey, and adults love that kids love Bluey, and we all love breakfast. That Venn diagram overlaps this Saturday in Brooklyn Park!

A Very Bluey Breakfast on June 15th

The very best kinds of breakfasts - a breakfast buffet - is happening at the Brooklyn Park Hy-Vee store from 8am to 11am. I'm not sure what the cost is (if there is any) as that's not listed, but the breakfast will feature a special appearance by Bluey herself!

The kids will love it.

What's Bluey?

Bluey is the namesake lead character of the Australian animated TV show that premiered in 2018. Bluey is an anthropomorphic Blue Heeler puppy/child who lives with her father Bandit (an archeologist), her mother Chilli (a part-time airport security worker), and younger sister Bingo (a freeloader without a job). Bluey goes on adventures, oftentimes with Bingo.

The show is a worldwide hit, garnering an International Emmy Kids Award in 2019 and a Peabody Award in 2024. It receives praise for its depiction of "a modern everyday family life, constructive parenting messages, and the role of Bandit as a positive father figure."

A positive father figure instead of the usual dumb oaf? I dig it!

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