Mr. Twisty nation represented.

We recently took to Facebook to poll people on which local ice cream they would want if they were dessert-ed (get it?) on an island. The four options given were Cherry Berry, Dairy Queen, Cold Stone and Mr. Twisty.

More than 100 people chimed in to express the best ice cream around, and there was really no contest -- Mr. Twisty won by a landslide.

"Mr. Twisty hands down!"

"Mr. Twisty! Mic drop."

"Mr. Twisty It's not even a debate in my mind."

"Mr. Twisty. Delicious and a great price."

"Mr. Twisty without question."

"[Mr] twisty! Support local, plus delicious and way cheaper"

Cold Stone followed with the second most votes, though still coming nowhere close to as many as Mr. Twisty. Fans were pretty rational in their reasons why, though:

"There really is no competition. It is Cold Stone Creamery. It is locally franchise owned. And best tasting, ice cream in town."

"Cold stone, it doesn't melt as fast as the others"

DQ received the third most votes and Cherry Berry followed in last. Culver's also made a surprise appearance by a couple hilarious write-ins.

Check out the full thread from our Facebook page and add your vote!

We'd ask what your favorite cidery in the listening area is, but there's only one (that we know of)! Have you been out to Milk & Honey Ciders in St. Joe yet?

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