The viral video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

A St. Paul man was boating on the St. Croix River Wednesday when they spotted what they thought was an injured bald eagle on the water.

After observing it for a little while Dan realized the eagle wasn't injured; it was sitting on a fish it had caught in it's talons.

"He's got a walleye," he can be heard guessing in the video. The fish is then seen moving. "He's got a live fish!"

The eagle then begins making its way towards shore, flapping it's wings and dragging the fish.

"It's a bass, I think," Dan guesses again, still unsure.

Dan posted a second video about an hour later to show the eagle still on shore with the fish about half eaten.

Bring Me the News notes that male muskies generally weigh 3-20 pounds while females can can get up to 40 or more.

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