Video of a Minnesota man asking his younger brother with Down Syndrome to be his best man is going viral.

On August 15th, Will Claussen (24) of Hackensack, MN asked his younger brother Henry Joe (22) to be his best man in a video that has gone massively viral. At the beginning of the video, Will and Henry Joe -- who has Down Syndrome -- are seen together at the edge of a lake property. Will has a metal detector and has just "found" something in the sand, and Henry Joe is using a shovel to dig it up.

"You hit something," Will says to his brother who bends down to pick up something from the sand.

"What is that?" asks the woman behind the camera.

"An old bottle," Henry Joe says, looking it over.

"Is that a message inside?" asks the woman. "Let's check it out." Sensing something fishy, Henry Joe asks, "Will, did you put it in here?" "No," his brother replies as he unrolls the note from the bottle. "It could be a prank," Henry Joe guesses.

"What does it say?" asks the woman again.

"It says 'Henry Joe, you are already the best bro and also the best friend. So will you please say yes to be my best man? Love Will.'"

"What?!" Henry Joe asks in surprise, looking at Will, a huge grin on his face.

"Do you want to be my best man?" Will asks. As way of reply, Henry Joe drops the shovel and jumps into his brother's arms, laughing. "I love you!"

In two days, the video has amassed nearly 200 shares on Facebook. Thanks to its heart-warming nature, however, it's also gained the attention of major outlets including Sportscenter, ESPN, The Today Show and others.

Congrats to Will, his fiance and the "best bro" Henry Joe!

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