A TikTok video of a multi-story Target store with an escalator specifically for carts has the internet divided.

I've been to countless Targets around the Midwest, and I've never seen a store with more than one level, though my wife -- who used to work in downtown Minneapolis -- has told me there is one downtown there. Apparently, however, multi-level Targets are popular in other major cities around the country including Chicago and LA.

"Apparently not everyone has multi floor Targets [with] cart escalators," TikTok user Verivanessa captioned her video. "So I'm here to show you." The video shows what appears to be a normal Target store from the outside, but inside reveals at least two stories with escalators between the floors. Besides the escalators for customers to use, the video also shows special escalators specifically for carts; somehow, it seems, the wheels of the carts lock in place with the escalator to prevent the cart from tipping or falling as it ascends or descends between levels.

The video has the internet divided right now between the Haves and the Have-Nots.

"So you're telling me two story Targets exist?!" exclaimed one in the comment section.

"Excuse me what?!" asked another in shock. "Where?!"

"I've never seen this before," stated another, dumbfounded.

"Wait, there's people who don't know about this?" said another, equally surprised.

"Hold up, I thought everyone had this?" said another.

"So other people don't have these in all of their malls?" asked yet another Haves.

And then, of course, there are plenty of comments from a third category of people as well:

"Okay, but I'd kill for just a regular Target in my hometown," wailed one TikToker.

"My town don't even have a Target to start with," commented another.

The video's been viewed on TikTok more than 5.1 million times.

Have you ever seen a Target with multiple stories or an escalator for carts?


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