The staff and students at Upsala Schools attempted to break a world record this week. In celebration of Farmers to the School in Minnesota month, they attempted to break the record for "Most Apples Given by someone dressed up like Johnny Appleseed".

The rules for breaking the record were:

  • The costume must include a tin pan hat, vest, and a bag filled with apples
  • May not give any person more than one apple
  • Must hand apples to people one at a time
  • All apples must be given out in one day
  • Must follow form of current world record holder
  • must provide video evidence
  • Need to beat 44 apples given out
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To accomplish this record, organizers at Upsala Schools got the entire school ready for the handing out process, and then everyone got to go into the gymnasium to eat their apples at the same time.

A total of 332 apples were given out by "Johnny Appleseed" in about 10 minutes. In addition to this record attempt, the school also attempted the record for "Most Apples Eaten at One Time" after the fruit were all handed out.

The video submission for the record attempts has been submitted and is under review. Upsala Area Schools will be updating their social media when more details come in. Until then, take a look at their submission video below.

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