I've been quite grumpy about the Minnesota Twins this year. The front office did both diddly AND squat in building off of their curse-breaking season last year, the team started off slow after quickly losing key players to injury, and they aren't doing Zubazpalooza this year.

The absolute $#*%-show over TV broadcasts of Twins games got $#*&-er, with Comcast/Xfinity declaring that "Bally Sports is no longer available".


The statement from Comcast/Xfinity continued: "The owner of Bally Sports is in bankruptcy proceedings, and we have offered them multiple options to continue carrying their networks. They have declined each one, and we no longer have the rights to continue carrying their content."

Their content includes Minnesota sports.

Photo by Caroline Veronez on Unsplash/Canva
Facts. (Photo by Caroline Veronez on Unsplash/Canva)

Mo Money, Mo Problems

The Twins organization cut their payroll by $30 million because they couldn't find a TV partner until right before the season started. Then, Diamond Sports Group forked out big money for the team to partner with Bally Sports.

And now, Bally Sports North has been dropped from Comcast/Xfinity because they can't get their $#*% together. Great job, Jim!

What Could've Been

Something fans point out - that got ignored by the ****** Pocket Protectors - is how the Arizona Diamondbacks launched a direct-to-consumer channel through MLB to avoid dealing with this kind of $#*%. $19.99/month isn't a bad price to finally be able to watch your team without worrying about blackouts.

The Twins agreement with Diamond Sports Group specifically requires the team to NOT allow this kind of product for in-market streaming.

Dynamite work, Jim!

It's Not Just the Twins

The Detroit Tigers and Atlanta Braves also made the mistake of signing with Diamond Sports Group, and have also lost their TV broadcasting deal for Comcast/Xfinity customers.

Where Can Twins Fans Go To Stream Games?

The only options left are FUBO TV and DirecTV. Good luck! I'll stick with the St. Paul Saints.

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H/T: SI.com


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