Lists like this are always subjective, so take it with a grain of salt.

Travel website Far & Wide has named each state's most boring tourist trap.

Before getting to Minnesota's arguable tourist trap, let's look at our surrounding neighbors first.

Wisconsin's most boring tourist trap, according to Far & Wide, is the World's Largest Six-Pack. No, not The Rock's abs -- a six pack of beer. Located in Lacross, WI, the giant six-pack is actually beer tanks made to look like cans of beer.

In Iowa, the most boring tourist trap is the state's largest frying pan, located in Brandon, IA.

In South Dakota, Wall Drug was named the most boring tourist trap.

In North Dakota, the Wheel Turtle -- made from thousands of wheel rims -- is apparently the most boring tourist trap.

Finally, Minnesota's most boring tourist trap according to Far & Wide is...


...the Mall of America.

The Mall of America? Really?

"America has a problem with buying stuff," the Far & Wide article says, "and this building featuring no fewer than 520 shops is the mecca of that obsession. Minnesota’s population is about 5.6 million, but 40 million people visit this consumerist monstrosity annually. If that doesn’t haunt your should."

A consumerist trap? Sure. But Minnesota's most boring? Hardly. The very fact that it attracts 40 million people a year proves it's anything but boring, nor is really a trap.

When I got married two years ago, one of my groomsmen flew in from South Africa. The one thing he was familiar with and wanted to visit for himself was the Mall of America. Funny enough, he thought it would be bigger (???), but he was impressed by it.

Sorry, Far & Wide, but I'm calling BS on this one!

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