This past summer, my wife Katie and I took a road trip with our dog Rosie out to South Dakota.

This was the first time either of us had been to The Mount Rushmore State since we were kids, and we had a blast. We stopped for a bathroom break at the Dignity sculpture; walked the Badlands; saw bison in the Black Hills; picnicked at the top of Black Elk Peak; hiked several more miles worth of trails in Rapid City; said hi to Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt; drank our way through breweries and distilleries, and on the way back home stopped for photos at the Corn Palace and homemade donuts at Wall Drug. It was truly one of the best road trips we've taken together, and Rosie especially loved all of the outdoor adventures.

No visit to South Dakota is complete without a visit to America's Favorite Roadside Attraction Since 1931, and it's near impossible to miss the countless signs for free ice water, donuts, ice cream, boots, buckles, belts "and a whole lot more!" My wife and I began seeing billboards shortly after we crossed the MN/SD border, and continued seeing them for the remainder of our time in the (other) Sunshine State.

You may be shocked to learn, however, that you don't have to cross the border to begin seeing signs for Wall Drug. Reddit user u/Santiago__Dunbar posted a photo of a Wall Drug sign he found in Olivia, MN.

"Found this east of Olivia, MN," he shared in the Minnesota thread of Reddit. "Anyone find any further away?"

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"Wall Drug. 440 Miles to Go," reads the sign, which we found on Google Maps located in a field just east of Olivia off of Yellowstone Trail/Highway 212.

"There are Wall Drug signs on like every continent," commented one on Reddit. "I know someone who saw one in Argentina."

"The ones on other continents are 'unofficial,' but probably appreciated by the official folks," added another. "The furthest official sign is in Wyoming."

"There are a lot of unofficial Wall Drug signs," commented a third. "Nobody really knows how many unofficial wall drug signs there are, but there are 300 official signs, and the farthest is in Greybull, Wyoming and it’s 394 miles away from Wall Drug." See the full Reddit thread here.

Where's the furthest you've seen a Wall Drug sign?

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