Any other day over the past several months you may have seen a different assortment of foods on my desk, as I sort of fell back into some old eating patterns after my tonsillectomy.

With that said, I went to my good friend Ashli Overlund, who was on the winning team last year. I asked Ashli if she could share her daily menu with me, and of course, she did.

This weekend, I spent some time preparing meals for this week. I took note of how I've been feeling lately, before getting back into a healthy eating routine. One of the worst symptoms of eating poorly, was the constant daily heartburn, and lethargic and bloated!

I started eating healthy this weekend, and by Sunday, I already was feeling better. That's two days of eating good food that tastes great, and already feeling more energetic.

In Ashli's list of healthy foods that taste great, were Peanut Butter Protein balls. Another fantastic lunch or dinner meal is the chicken bowl, that features salsa, black beans, brown rice, Cilantro, and lime. It's SO tasty! For the actual recipe that I found on Facebook, click here. I made this without corn and cheese and it's so tasty!

Kelly Cordes
Kelly Cordes/Chicken Bowl

Todays menu:

Eating every few hours is key to making sure you keep hunger at bay, and later today I'll be going in to Rejuv for my first work out of The Biggest Loser Weight Loss program. If you want in, I'm sure you can still hurry and get on the list..but we start today!

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