WAITE PARK -- We now have a clearer picture about the future of a Waite Park hotel project.

During tonight's (Monday) city council meeting, the council will look to approve a DEED Grant application to help fund a new two-hotel and conference center.

Planning and Community Development Director Jon Noerenberg says they've submitted for the grant before but were unsuccessful, and funding is once again available.

"It's pretty selective. They haven't had luck in the past but we've have discussed it and thought it would be worth it to reauthorize the grant submittial to DEED in hopes the project would be more viable this time around," says Noerenberg.

Construction on the project was expected to begin back in September, however the cold fall temperatures delayed the project.

"The weather come on faster then they anticipated and by the time everything was signed, sealed and moving earth it was pretty late into the year," says Noerenberg.

Noerenberg says regardless if the state approves the grant the project will move forward. He says construction should take place this Spring.

The Silver Leaf project is one of two hotel projects planned for Waite Park. A 90-room Staybridge Suites extended-stay hotel and a 120-room Holiday Inn, including a restaurant and bar is planned for construction along Highway 23 near Menards.

Noerenberg says as of today, the Staybridge project has been a state of limbo.