The popular party card game Cards Against Humanity was a Kickstarter crowd funded project that started back in 2010. The crowd funding raised over $15,00 which made it over 400% funded. Seven years later the game is a huge success.

As I was combing Kickstarter this morning I found a new party game looking for funding from right here in Minnesota! The game is called "Screw You!" and it is all about screwing over your neighbor. Sounds like a great party game!

Screw You! is a card game based solely on trying to screw over your neighbors and contain the least amount of cards in your hand at the end of it.

Each custom card has different effects that take place after each round of drawing and passing cards around. It sounds like a fun cause and effect game that would result in a lot of laughs and a good time!

If you want to contribute to this local project there are some great payouts! Pledging $20 or more gets you a copy of the game when it is released in March if the project meats there goal of $10,00!

Read more on "Screw You!" and make a pledge here! Only 15 days left to make this project a success! Lets help our Minnesota neighbors!

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