Over the weekend I got to live out my dream of being on a game show!

To be clear -- it wasn't taped or televised, and there wasn't a $1 million grand prize. BUT my reputation as a fierce competitor was definitely on the line. Sadly enough, I may not be as fierce as I thought I was...

Friday night a group of about 15 close friends and family and I met up at Game Show Battle Rooms in Golden Valley. A relatively new local business, Game Show Battle Rooms has two other locations including Milwaukee and Kansas City. The premise is simple -- over the course of an hour, go head-to-head with friends, family, colleagues or whoever else is in your party to play some of your favorite popular game shows! Of course, for legal reasons they can't call the games by their well-known monikers; instead, Family Feud is called "Friendly Feud," Wheel of Fortune is "Wheel of Phrases," The Price is Right is "Name that Price" and so on. But the concepts are virtually the same.

Adam Rozanas / Townsquare Media Staff

At the Minneapolis Game Show Battle Rooms there are two rooms to choose from -- a "Classic Showdowns" room featuring classic games Friendly Feud, Wheel of Phrases and Name that Price; and Primetime Showdowns room featuring Friendly Feud, Minute Games and Matchup. Before entering our room, we were asked to fill out name tags (with any name but our actual name), divide into two teams and name our teams. Our group consisted mostly of couples, so dividing into guys vs girls was pretty non-debatable. The ladies chose the name "Old Broads" and the guys -- fittingly -- opted for "Young Bucks."

Adam Rozanas / Townsquare Media Staff

With teams formed, we were led by our game show host Austen into a room set up much like a real gameshow -- lots of lights, colors, screens and music to get us excited and amped up. Austen introduced his side-kick Corey, who was running production, and from there it was game on! Austen and Corey led us into Friendly Feud where the Young Bucks came out several points ahead of the Old Broads. At Matchup, however, we fell apart, and the broads spanked us pretty good to take a steady lead. It all came down to the Minute Games where -- while we held our own pretty well -- we just couldn't recoup enough points to regain the lead. The Old Broads celebrated their win with a photo finish that will forever be memorialized on the Game Show Battle Rooms lobby wall with all the previous winners.

Adam Rozanas / Townsquare Media Staff

As I talked with members of our group afterwards, it was clear that everyone had had an absolute blast! With Primetime Showdowns under our belt, we're eager now to return and take each other on again in the Classic Showdowns room! I highly recommend Game Show Battle Rooms for your next work party, team building exercise, family gathering, birthday party or casual Friday night out! Check out Game Show Battle Rooms website here and watch the video below!

In case you're wondering about safety of Game Show Battle Rooms during COVID-19, the experience was and felt very safe and protected throughout. Masks were required of our group, and both hosts wore masks for the entirety of the event. There were also bottles of hand sanitizer around the room to use before, during and after games. You can read a full list of the COVID-19 precautions here.

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