A Facebook Marketplace listing from Sauk Rapids is selling a sign previously used to welcome patrons to McDonald's. For just $650 you can welcome friends to your home with the iconic arches.

The item is being sold on the Saint Cloud Area Garage Sale page and is attracting some attention. I'm not sure exactly what one would do with a sign like this... I'm guessing it'd be used for decoration? Or maybe if you wanted to open a drive-thru on the side of your home?

Facebook user Christian Thomas Keim:

"88-98 was this style. Price is a splash high but great piece none the less!"

PHOTO: Mitchell Bob via Facebook (Saint Cloud Area Online Garage Sale)
PHOTO: Mitchell Bob via Facebook (Saint Cloud Area Online Garage Sale)

There are a TON of McDonald's items available on eBay, but no signs exactly like the one offered here. A welcome sign without the arches looks like it'll set you back between $150-200, while signs that are somewhat similar to the one offered cost between $500-$600 plus shipping.

Back in April of 2020 someone sold an entire Burger King playset for $400.... there's a buyer for everything I guess?

So if you are a big-time McDonald's memorabilia collector or are just looking to trick people into thinking your house is a McDonald's drive-thru, this listing might be perfect for you!

Pennsylvania's Mike Fountaine is recognized as having the biggest collection of McDonald's memorabilia in the world, with a collection boasting over 60,000 pieces.

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