I love Facebook market place because you never know what you're going to see posted there on any given day.

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Apparently, someone is selling the old Burger King play set for a mere $400 OR best offer. That sounds like a DEAL. I remember being a kid and playing on that play set. It's kind of like a St. Cloud landmark...KIND OF.

Plus, I feel like everyone is looking for play sets for their kids because some parks are shut down, and you know...social distancing.

Here's the catch...it's going to be difficult to put together. There are zero instructions, so you're kind of on your own and the play set is pretty massive. Of course, you'll also need to wipe it all down because it probably still smells like fries and rent out a big truck to deliver it to your house.

It sounds like a great project to keep you busy during quarantine. Check out the listing here.

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