Yahoo reported the initial story yesterday that Trader Joe's was closing its doors and stopping production on all it's products. The world stopped turning for a quick moment about this news.

The Yahoo news article, posted on 3/31/16 contained a quote from the Trader Joe's CEO saying:

"The competition has been steeper and steeper every quarter," said CEO Dan Bane. "At this point, there isn't enough cookie butter in the world to pave the road ahead."

If you had the chance to see the Yahoo article, which is now taken down, you would have noticed the last line of the story confirming that it was a joke. Apparently Yahoo didn't look at their calendar to notice that it wasn't April Fools Day yet. Because of this being broadcast on the day BEFORE the big prank day, the biggest fans of Trader Joe's were in a panic, and about to plan the world's largest vigil.

Trader Joe's spokesperson confirmed it was just a rumor and they have no intentions on closing it's stores.

Source: Oregon Live