As if Internet stalking and identity theft isn't bad enough, I stumbled upon another hidden danger of online shopping. 

Before the Internet came along, we had to shop at real, actual brick and mortar stores and if you tried to shop while you were drunk, you'd probably get in trouble. Now you're free to shop even if you can't see straight. And we do!

A new survey by AOL Lifestyle conducted a survey of our Internet shopping habits and it turns out that one in seven of us have drunkenly bought something online that they NEVER would have bought if they were sober.

Clothing, shoes, DVDs, books, video games, technology gear and lingerie were some of the most common drunk purchases. The majority of those were bought between the hours of 11pm and 1am, although some people say they've drunkenly bought something online as late as five in the morning.

More than half of the drunk shoppers say that when they woke up in the morning, they remembered what they bought, but one in five say they didn't remember it until sometime the next day and 7% of people said they had no idea what they had done until the package arrived at their door.

For a run down of online shopping shipping deadlines, click HERE.

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