I've been to several shows at the Varsity Theater in Dinky Town since I arrived in Central Minnesota seven months ago, and they never seem to disappoint.  Last night's sold out show featuring The Cab and Parachute was a definite crowd pleas-er, from the first note to the final bow.  I can't say enough great things about these underrated and talented bunch of musicians.  They are singer-songwriters at the core, but put them in front of a live audience and all bets off!  I challenge anyone to find a better tour for the money on the road right now....I'm waiting......

Parachute opened the show with energy and enthusiasm like I've never seen.  These guys take pride in delivering a solid show and giving their fans exactly what the want.  Of course we were treated to the radio hits were all familiar with, "Something to Believe In" and "Kiss Me Slowly", but what really got me was hearing their twist on a Maroon 5 classic and new country favorite from Tim McGraw .  After chatting with the guys backstage, I'm anxious to hear what they have planned for the next studio album.  I know they hope to have a new single at radio this fall and complete a full length album shortly after.

The Cab closed the show and took the audience on a roller coaster of emotions!  They have the right combination of rock and pop mixed with elements of hip hop at times.  These guys are born to perform and had everybody in the house at one point, jumping up and down.  The songs are well crafted and  easy to sing along with.  From the radio smash "Bad", to the new summer anthem"La La", you can't seem to get enough of these guys and that to me is the best part!  Its a band everybody wants to hang with.  The girls want to date them and the guys want to be them...that easy.  Were ready for a follow up to last years "Symphony Soldier."

Don't sleep on either band and support great music... bottom line.  For more details on The Cab, Click Here - for more information on Parachute, Click Here

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