#ReadyToRozanas - Photos and Stories of My Wedding
While everyone knows little girls dream of their wedding day, most people don't know that little boys dream of the day they get their wedding photos. It's the one time they can fawn over how good they looked without appearing vain and self-absorbed!
Husbands not wearing their wedding bands?
I know for a fact that my wife would never allow it, but there’s been a lot of hype around husbands deciding not to wear their wedding bands. According to experts, people just don’t value the symbolism in a ring like they used to back in the day...
Should You Live Together Before Marriage? [POLL]
A new government study found that men and women who live together before marriage no longer run a higher risk of divorcing like they did in years ago.  Oh, but I should mention... being engaged does help.  "Living together before marriage is not playing as big a role in predicting…

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