As Brittany and I get closer and closer to our wedding day, I love to see things like this and I need to take a minute and say thank you to the husbands before me. I hope that I can follow in your footsteps.

Thanks to the pure laziness of men, their wives now expect very little of them... it's almost a perfect world.

Men's laziness has lowered expectations of their wives so much, just doing a minor around the house chores makes you look like a hero!

These are Top FOUR things women wish their husbands would do more often are and they will make you seem like the perfect husband;

1. Vacuum (this is that machine in the closet that stands about waste tall and doesn't allow you to hear the game)

2. Empty the dishwasher (even though men will make any food a "finger food", every once in a while you might have guests over and it would be nice to offer them a clean fork and plate)

3. Ask for directions (now with smartphones, if you're driving, you can still pass this on to your wife so you're not starring at a phone while driving!)

4. Put the toilet seat down (we never complain about having to put the seat up, but ok, I guess we can do that)

Ladies, comment below what you expect of your significant other.