Brittany and I have been attending marriage counseling, that's what it's called, but it's more like marriage preparation... and this book is a huge help.

Brittany and I had our second marriage counseling session last weekend and one of our assignments for the session was to read the book, "The 5 Love Languages", written by Gary Chapman (who also has written "The Five Love Languages of Kids") and determine our "Love Language"... I know, I thought the same thing, "I have to read?"... but this book is EXTREMELY informational and accurate.

I won't get to "counselor" on you, but if you are having any problems big or small in your relationship, this book WILL help you determine your "love language" and your partners. This book, talking with our pastor during the counseling session and talking with Brittany (after reading the book) has been a huge eye opener and tremendous help in getting to each other even more.

We only had to read to the chapters that talk directly about the five love languages, but you can trust that I will be finishing this book. It's fantastic. You could benefit big from it...