Is it rude to leave someone a voice message in 2020?

According to the author of a new book titled "Kill Reply All: A Modern Guide to Online Etiquette," it is considered rude. There's  "no purpose for voicemails in the modern age," says Victoria Turk, and listening to one is "super inefficient and inconvenient."

Instead, argues Turk, if someone doesn't pick up the phone you should hang up and text them instead.

Do voice messages really have no place in 2020? We took to Facebook to ask our listeners where feedback was mixed.

Of those surveyed, 72% agreed that leaving a voice message is fine.

"Voicemail is so much easier for us old folks,' said Anne in the comments. "Plus, if I’m driving, I’m not going to hang up and text. Answer your dang phone!"

Most of the comments, however, seemed in favor of texting.

"I wouldn't say it's rude, but I hate them," said Tiffany of voice messages. "I would rather read it in a text. It's more convenient for me."

"If it's someone who would get an automatic call back (family, besties, coworkers) don't leave a vm," says Tricia. "I'm gonna call you before I bother listening anyways. Anyone else? Yeah you can leave a message. Unknown #s that don't leave a message will NEVER hear back from me!"

"Voicemail should be used for professional purposes," Chrissy insists. "I would never text a business client instead of calling them unless it was specified. Now friends and family, just call me again or text me."

"Please dont leave me a voice mail," says Blaise, simply.

"I've been swiping away a voicemail notif for weeks now," shares Jessica. "I literally on principle will not listen to it. So many scam voicemails wasting my time. Voicemail could entirely be done away with and I would absolutely rejoice."

What do you think -- do voice messages still have a place in 2020? Are they rude?

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