On Newsstands now, the new issue of Star claims that Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are engaged.

As much as I would LOVE to see these two happy together, I don't buy Star's story on these two getting engaged.

Since going on their hiking trip, rumors have started, suggesting that they are more than friends. The two have been friends since their movie "The Proposal" in 2008.

Ryan even carried Louis on his back, so that has to mean they are in love! All the while, during their hiking trip, they supposedly talked about how they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

The "inside source" claimed that Ryan was so happy hanging out with Sandra that he said

"We should just go ahead and tie the knot. Ryan is always saying silly things, making Sandra laugh, so she went along with it. But as the day went on, they started thinking about it, and soon the thought of spending their lives together didn’t sound all that ridiculous.”

As much of a cute couple that we think they are and no matter how much we want them to get together, they are only friends. Ryan’s rep said,

“It is such crap. They’ve always been close friends!”

Prove me wrong and I will be a happy girl!

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