Avril and Chad’s Love Story
He's a rock star! Rock stars don't fall in love, do they? And yet it seem that Nickelback's Chad Kroeger has been pierced by cupid's arrow. Now, he has spoken out for the first time about his engagement to fellow Canadian pop star Avril Lavigne in a new interview with Hello! maga…
Is Kelly Clarkson Getting Hitched?
Kelly Clarkson recently lost weight and went blonde. Some speculated that it was to look even hotter than normal on ‘Duets,’ but some are whispering that the ‘Dark Side’ singer’s slim down is in preparation for something else: a wedding!
Britney Spears Is Engaged
Britney Spears celebrated her 30th Birthday, finished her Femme Fatale Tour, and celebrated her boyfriends 40th Birthday all in the span of two weeks. What more could the pop diva want?