A Minnesota couple celebrating Halloween in New York City found one more reason to celebrate October 31.

Scott Plochner and his girlfriend Heidi Le were in NYC celebrating Halloween when they found themselves on live television. The St. Paul couple -- dressed as Popeye and Olive Oyl -- were chatting with Spectrum News NY1's Ruschell Boone about the days' events when Plochner said, "I want to make my favorite day every day of my life with this woman" and got down on one knee.

There, on live New York television, Popeye (Plochner) pulled out a ring and asked Olive Oyl (Le) to marry him: "Heidi Le -- I love you. Will you marry me?"

After Le replies with a yes, the couple kiss before Boone steps in "Hey, hey, hey! Save it for the honeymoon!" To top it all off, Boone gifted Plochner with a bag of bonafide "New York spinach."

That will certainly be a Halloween to remember!

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