Poor Vlog/Facebook


I recently read a story that made me think more about the power of the internet. Apparently, humans aren't the only species that can find companionship and a break from loneliness because of technology. We hear so much about the bad stuff...But have we thought about the amazing things the internet can do for us too?


Staff at the Lake Superior Zoo here in Minnesota have been experimenting with giving monkeys access to iPads, and allowing them to access popular apps like FaceTime.

They decided to try this after a swamp monkey named Noqui became lonely and isolated shortly after arriving from another zoo in Chicago. The staff decided to see what would happen if they put a tablet computer in front of him.  Then they used it to call his family back in Illinois.
He vocalized with his father at Lincoln Park Zoo! and then, all of a sudden, there were a lot of vocalizations coming across from the other troupe members as well, and then suddenly... everybody scattered, according to Primate Keeper Jackie Fallon.

The interaction helped bring Noqui out of his depression. After seeing that evidence, more iPads were brought in and more experiments were conducted. Since then, the monkeys have learned to use the tablets to complete puzzles and even draw pictures!!!!

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