Dating website recently surveyed 150,000 people to decide on the 25 most romantic cities in the United States. Somehow, St. Cloud, Minnesota was named the fourth-most romantic city in the nation.

The survey asked its takers how strongly they agreed with the statement "I bring romance to my relationships." Taking the top spot in the survey was Boynton Beach, Florida (which I've totally heard of as long there are no follow-up questions), followed by Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Cypress, California.

In fourth place was good ol' St. Cloud, Minnesota! When I think of romance, I think of walks on the beach or a romantic dinner overlooking the ocean, not necessarily things you can find in Central Minnesota.

However, this recent survey has totally changed my mind on what it means to be romantic. Honestly, the survey really helps my cause when I am trying to be romantic with my wife: I don't need to leave the friendly confines of Cloud to be romantic! Great news.

I mean, it makes sense if you really think about it. You could take a walk by the river, have a romantic meal at Val's and end the night by checking out the downtown area, whether for the arts or the nightlife.


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