ST. CLOUD -- It's Girl Scout cookie month and one St. Cloud troop is standing out from the rest. Not only are they selling cookies but they're dressed as their favorite cookie.

St. Cloud Girl Scout Troop 175 leader Sarah Bialke says they made the costumes in different sizes to make sure they'd fit over a sweater or coat so the girls could stay warm.

"Normally when the girls are outside it's not this warm, so we made several different sizes so they'd be able to go over winter jackets."

Hours of sewing by troop leaders went into making each cookie costume. Bialke says they made the costumes representing each of the eight types of cookies including this year's new S'mores cookie.

"We've made all the different flavors so the customers could see and get excited about what we have to offer."

Altogether, the troop is made up of 40 girls and leaders made 56 costumes. Extra costumes were made for parents.

So far troop 175 has sold over 8,000 boxes of cookies. Troop leader Brenda Schwitalla says they are still far from their goal.

"Their goal is 19,000 [cookies], our girls are very ambitious!"

You can check out the troop's cookie attire and buy a box a cookies this week. Depending on the weather and day troop 175 is usually outside of Walmart in Sartell, Cashwise East, Shopko East and other retail locations.

(Chrissy Gaetke, WJON)
(Chrissy Gaetke, WJON)

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