With this year's 2020 Minnesota State Fair a bust, a Great Minnesota Get Together icon is blessing fans with their new socially-distanced presence. Earlier this month, Sweet Martha's Cookies joined TikTok!

In one video, the craze-worthy cookie vendor shows off its staff's personality and skills including no-handed cartwheels and baking mit flips!

In another video -- viewed over 76k times -- the Sweet Martha's account issues a "Pose Challenge" wherein staff re-create poses of cookies on the iconic Sweet Martha's cookie bucket.

The short-video social media format joins Sweet Martha's current presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Started over 40 years ago by St. Paul-native Martha Rossini Olson and three business partners, Sweet Martha's Cookies has become an empire in its own right. Besides serving up 3 million cookies a day at the Minnesota State Fair, Sweet Martha's cookies can also be found at various Twin Cities events and available as frozen dough in local grocery stores.

What you may not know is that Sweet Martha didn't originally deal in cookies -- the owners first ran a yogurt shop in downtown Minneapolis! In 1978, they applied for a spot at the Minnesota State Fair but were rejected. They tried again the next year as a yogurt and cookies vendor and were accepted...for cookies alone! Scrambling for a recipe, they threw one together that has now been known and loved by Minnesota State Fair goers for decades!

Read the full story behind Sweet Martha's Cookies here and check them out on TikTok here!

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